Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who's driving this bus anyways?

I've been told that I can be a little obsessive compulsive,(I like the word "driven") a wee bit of a perfectionist,( I prefer to say "detail oriented") and that I am (I like to use the more positive word, "focused") Now, mostly this is just my kids that say these things. Okay, my kids and my friends. Alright then, my kids, my friends and my Mom. Whatever.

I have a plan for the minute, hour, day, month, year, my life, your life, whatever. And usually I'm pretty sure it's the way "God intended" it to be. (wink, wink) But lately He seems to keep asking "Who's driving this bus?" Now I'm a pretty good driver, so I think He would be safe to let me do it my way , uh, I mean drive.

But I need to remember I am not the one in charge, I need to ask for guidance; to be still, and listen, and watch for signs, but I still have that knee jerk reaction of "oh-no-I-am-quite-sure-that's-not-the-plan-He-has-in-mind-for-me" attitude when an answer seems to appear that isn't what I had been planning for.

Now I don't mind learning a lesson now and then. And by reading the first paragraph you know I have a few lessons to learn yet. I know, I hear you all saying, "ya think". I just want Him to let me know exactly what that lesson is so I can learn it and get on with it.

I tell ya, this, let go & let God, stuff is sometimes so much harder than it sounds. I reminded myself who was really driving the bus, and took my seat near the big newly opened window.