Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Pink Stamper

Saturday is National Scrapbook Day and I have my house cleaned and all of my chores done so I can scrapbook the day away. Hmmmmmm, ok, maybe part of the day. There are always chores and laundry that need done.

But I'm going to be hanging out in my basement scrapbook room scrapping as much as possible and when I come upstairs I'll be checking in at My Pink Stamper blog. There will be lots of wonderful Cricut goodies that she's giving away. Woot Woot, we all love free stuff. Especially scrapbook stuff! I have both of her stamp sets and they are wonderful. They stamp crisp clean images and I haven't found any stamps like them. The stamps were made to go with the Cricut images and are perfect for cards. I also have her videos and love them. I've learned so much about the cricut by watching her videos.

I'm in the middle of planning a Cricut Swarm crop. Everyone can bring their Cricuts and I'm hoping I have one or two ladies that maybe teaching some Cricut classes. I'll have my Gypsy there so you can try it out if you don't have one already. Leave me a message with your email if your interested in the crop and I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Look

For some reason I think I need a picture for every post and I haven't downloaded any pics on the computer for a while. I have wonderful pictures from Easter and our newest little great nephew. He's so very sweet and kissable! I've made cards and a few layouts at a crop last saturday, so we'll see if I can get them posted soon.

I've been "spring cleaning" of sorts. My basement storage room has been driving me crazy for quite some time. So I finally took the time and went thru boxes and boxes of Erica and Tyler's toys and keepsake boxes. Who needs every A paper they every received in school??? As I was going thru the boxes I transferred everything from cardboard boxes to rubber maid totes. I actually like going into the storage room now and just looking at all the totes lined up in a nice row. Everything has labels and dates in them so I know right where everything is. Yup, I know. CRAZY! But it's the small crazy things that keeps this girl happy.

When I was done with the storage room I painted my scrapbook room. I've hated the yellow paint as soon as I was done painting it. But I HATE to paint so I left it hoping against all odds that it would grow on me and I would learn to love it. No such hope. Two years later I still hate it. I decided to go black, white and pink in there this time. The two short walls are still white and I painted the two long walls Verbena pink. Some of the furniture is still white and I painted some pieces black. I LOVE it! It's my new happy place. Now if I just had some free time to spend in there scrapbooking.

While I was at it I decided my blog could use a little sprucing up of its own. I tried a few new looks but didn't find any others that I loved. I think this one might be around for a while tho. I just realized It matches my new scrapbook room colors! LOL I'm really into this new color scheme I guess.

I think my next project will be the laundry room. Although I really should get my regular spring cleaning done to the main part of the house. You can hardly see out my windows! Oh, and the garden needs planted and flowers planted, and a yard sale to get ready for. I guess I'm off to the laundry room to see if there is anything in there I can add to the yard sale.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anniversary Card

I made this anniversary card for Tyler and Emma for their first anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year already. WOW! Time flies.

I found the idea at Craft Junkie Too . We had a gift certificate that needed to go in it so I needed to make it BIG. I took a 12x12 sheet of black paper and folded it in half for the base.

I cut the heart and the letters and number with the Cricut. the heart is made with silver shimmer paper and the 1yr was made with the white glitter paper from Target.
I like to decorate the inside of the card so I printed my sentiments using a Word program on the computer and then I decorated the inside with scrap paper. I like using up those scraps!
The bows were made using leftover ribbon from the pew bows from the wedding. I made my own envelope but forgot to take a picture of it. It had a large scallop at the top to allow the envelope to come just below the bow.