Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers Day Gift

Here is a quick and easy Gift scrapbook to make for Mother's Day.

The acrylic is fun and easy to work with. And it adds a little something different to a normal gift album. You can see the peek a boo flowers, jewels and ribbon.

This acrylic is thinner and more light weight than most acrylics, making it easy for Mom or Grandma to look at and to carry in her purse as a brag book. You can use as many or as few pages as you like and you can use your favorite papers and embellishments or contact me and I have on hand the papers I used.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New design for my blog

So how do you like the new design? I loved my old picture but Real Simple has done away with that picture and I had to find something new. I'm going to try this one for a while and see how I like it.

Erica did find my old picture on her computer. She had saved it for some reason so I can go back to my "old" look if I decide to. I really did like my old picture. It just made you want to go sit outside in the yard, kick your shoes off and run your bare feet in the grass. But the new one is very springy.

Neither one really had anything to do with scrapbooking. Which is what this blog was supposed to be about. Have you seen any scrapbooking here?? No you haven't. But I'm hoping to change that soon.

But right now I'm off to spend the weekend with my husband. We're going away for the weekend for our anniversary. It's in a month, but May is so busy this is the only time we can get away.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog give away at Jaded Mission

Ashley over at Jaded Mission is doing another great give away. This time it's altered letters that spell FAITH. They look great. They would be a great addition to Erica's room so I'm hoping I win and then they will go on her bookcase.
Click on Jaded Mission and it will take you to Ashleys blog and you can enter to win too. I can't wait to see what she's giving away next. She does such cute stuff.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is not Dana...

Since my mom is such a slacker, I thought I would update you all on her life. Since the last blog, my mom and dad went on their trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, which was last May. They had a wonderful time, judging by all the pics they took. After that, my brother got married on March 21. It was a beautiful wedding! Mom said she hadn't updated her blog yet because she couldn't get pics from the wedding to upload on here. So someday you might get to see them...
Other than that, life continues as normal. Until next time, when mom actually updates herself. Bye!