Thursday, September 25, 2008

My kid is trying to kill me

Did you ever see your child's life flash before your very eyes??? I did today! I saw my sweet, precious baby boy on a motorcycle. Ok, yeah I know he's 22 years old. But, He. Was. On. A. Motorcycle!

I was minding my own business coming home from Wal Mart. And I saw him from 3 blocks away and I KNEW it was him. Couldn't see his face, couldn't tell from his clothes, but a Mother knows these things. My heart stopped beating and I couldn't breath. And he WASN"T wearing a helmet! Can I just say "Kill me now, why don't ya" . That smiling face that makes your heart melt when he gives you that smile that says "there's no way you can resist me & your going to kill me for what I've done". THAT precious face was totally unprotected.

He turned the corner before I got to him and so I turned and then he saw me. The smile I referred to above is the smile that I got when our eyes met. I couldn't think or speak. My heart was in my throat and I wanted to kill this child of mine and he just kept smiling and said "it's hard for you isn't it?" Yaaaa think?

I know, I know, lots of people ride motorcycles and live to tell about it. But you don't understand.
This is MY child and the Lord blessed us with him being absolutely perfect and I want to keep him that way. In his whole life if somethings going to go wrong, it will go wrong for him. And I want to keep my kids in ONE piece, I'm kinda funny that way.

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Anna Mae said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love you dana! :)