Monday, January 5, 2009

I've be Tagged

I think I'm in the same boat as everyone else lately. It seems everyone started a blog in 2008 and is now in limbo trying to think of something more exciting than our normal lives, to blog about. So yes, I have not blogged for quite some time. But Very Sweet Angela, at The West Family , has tagged me and you have to post your sixth picture in your sixth folder.

Just a little disclaimer, You know me and you know how our sweet puppy has become one of the family. So here's the picture. And YES, she does get Christmas presents at Christmas time. And I know what your thinking, yes, she has a birthday party too. No, I have not lost my mind. Just my kids. When you don't have kids at home anymore you have to do something fun.

Christmas 2007

Yup, You read right, it is a John Deere shirt for a dog. Now let me just say, I don't work at John Deere, I don't have access to their catalogs to order this t shirt. Now, lets think this thru. There are 2 of us that live in this house. One of us works at John Deere and one of us doesn't. So who do you think bought this crazy t shirt????? Yes, it was my dear sweet husband that said it was crazy for Erica and I to dress this puppy up for Halloween. But, guess who bought her a JD t shirt so she wouldn't be cold when she went outside. I know, I know, you NEED a picture of her in her get up don't you? Here it is:

Did you notice it took 2 grown men to get the T shirt on this poor puppy? Ohhh, and now she looks ever so happy to have it on doesn't she? So the same person that bought the T shirt is also the same person that bought this ever so cute JD hat made especially for dogs. This was her Halloween costume for 2008. She even has a JD leash. Did you notice that???? The only thing she is missing is a JD collar but she still doesn't have that. But she does have a JD pink bandana. Yup, it's pink, Yup, it's JD. Wanna see a picture? Of course you do. Crazy of me to ask, right?

Halloween 2008

Christmas 2008

Do you see a theme emerging with the 2 people who are always in the picture "dressing up" this poor puppy. Not Erica, Not Me. I'm not naming names but they are alwys the ones "dressing" her up. I think it's pretty cute myself. Two big burly manly men are playing "dress up" with this cute little puppy girl.
So this is my Christmas gift to you. A hundred and one ways to tease my 2 guys. Merry belated Christmas.
And Thank You Angela for giving me the push I needed to start blogging in the New Year.

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The West Family said...

Yay Dana! I LOVE your 6th pic in your 6th folder:) And I love your blog, and I love you and miss you soooo much! I hope that we can make a point to connect sometime this year! And tell the boys I loved seeing pics of them playing dress-up!