Monday, June 23, 2008

OK, so I'm not a very good blogger. Life has been like a roller coaster lately and I want off. NOW! I can't believe life is busier now than when the kids were little. But it is. Speaking of kids, life never turns out like you think it will. LOL
Erica is waiting to hear back from an interview for a postion in the Dallas Center/ Grimes school district and we have a week to wait before they will make their decision. She thinks she is the only one going crazy waiting. I'm about to lose my mind. If she gets it she will move to West Des Moines. I'm trying to be positive but I thought she would be the one that stayed close to home and Tyler would move to Des Moines like my brother Derek. But Tyler bought a house 2 blocks from us, so I'm set on seeing him quite often.
But I never really thought Erica would move out of Osky. To Des Moines, no less. I am so excited for her most of the time. A new exciting job, GREAT shopping, wonderful restaurants, a great choice of churches and making new friends. But it's scary too. Thinking of her living up there and there's more crime than here in Osky and I can't make sure she's ok all the time. She's a big girl you say? I know, she's 23. But she's still my little girl. She will always be 13 yrs old in my head and 4 yrs old in my heart.
I keep telling myself that Derek and Emily will keep an eye on her and if she needs anything they are right there. And if this is where the Lord wants her than this is were she needs to be. When she student taught in Dubuque she taught at an inner city school so she has the training she needs to deal with all kinds of kids and situations. I know she can handle it. I just need to get used to the idea of her living up there. I know, she hasn't even gotten the job yet but I need LOTS and LOTS of time to get used to new things. And this one won't be easy. But it will be exciting. Like taking the kids to kindergarten for the first time: it was sad because it was the end of them being my little kids. But it was exciting because there was so many new things they were going to learn and experience.
OK, I think I'm doing better. "Thinking out loud" always seems to help.
I'll let you know next week when we get the call.

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