Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 Weeks Until Hawaii

Two weeks from tonight we will be in Hawaii! I can't even believe it's really happening. We have talked about Hawaii for years but I never really believed it would happen. The Lord is so great in providing so we can go and enjoy our time and not have to count every penny. It's been a wonderful year and Roger is a great saver so we are doing well in that area. All of the pinching pennies and not buying gifts for our anniversaries and Valentines have proved worth it.

Just a few more wedding plans to get done and we will be ready to go. All wedding plans need to be done before we leave and then we will be able to enjoy ourselves. And we'll come back very relaxed and ready to enjoy the whole process of Tyler and Emma's wedding. And welcoming Emma and her family into our family. Cindi and I agree that when you take one of us into your family- you get us all. So our families will be growing by leaps and bounds.


Anna Mae said...

YAY!!!! SO excited for you guys!!!! i know how you feel about FINALLY getting to do something you've talked years about... justin and i are planning a Disney Honeymoon at the end of the summer, thanks to an AMAZING deal Disney is offering military families! :) so in about 6 months, he and i will be running around disney for 5 days! not near as pretty as Hawaii, but hey... at least we'll be staying at the Caribbean Beach resort. :P lol can't wait for the wedding either!!!! it's going to be beautiful!

Emma said...

Dana you are such a sweet heart i cannot wait for our families to all be one. Im so thankful everyone gets along and the Lord has made this all possible. You an Rogilina will have a blast on your vaccay.I love you!!!