Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wonderful Friend!

Have you ever had one of those wonderful friends that you know was sent from God just for you? Yup, I have one and her name is Verna. I LOVE Verna. She is the sweet, kind, gentle person I want to be when I grow up. No matter what she has going on in her life she makes time for her friends and she always does the unexpected. She brought me this wonderful hibiscus plant as a thank you for something that was not a big deal at all. But she is just that wonderful. It was full of buds and I couldn't wait for it to bloom. Here are a few pictures I've taken and everyday there are more blooms. It makes me smile every time I go out my back door.

I don't want to tarnish Verna's good girl image. But lets be honest. This girl is a HOOT! She knows how to have some good clean fun. And her favorite kind really SUPPORTS her friends. She brought me another little gift so I could carry my mints in it to church.
Any guesses as to what this strappy little purse is made of???? Yes Ma'am, it is a bra. And no, I haven't been brave enough to take it to church. But I'm sure Mrs. Klyn's face would be very red. Maybe as red as this purse. You gotta love friends that can make you laugh. Their my favorite kind!

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Melissa said...

OMW! I knew right away it was a bra! How cute :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. The album you asked about sold the day I listed it (Saturday) that's why it's not showing up. I'm flattered that you liked it (coming from a fellow paper crafter!).