Monday, March 8, 2010

More kitchen photos

The countertops are in and I love them. It gives such a totally different look to the kitchen. I'm still deciding on some finishing touches. Like the canisters. I found these at Target and I like them well enough but:
I LOVE these I found at Pennys Home store. But the price is a bit much. Hmmmmm, maybe a Mothers Day present???

Loving the new frig with ice and water in the door and the new pantry is so wonderful. I don't even mind cooking with my new double oven. I do LOVE the new counter tops. It makes the wood of the cupboards look even better. The kitchen has such a warm feeling to it now.
I'll post pics of the decorating soon. Roger still has to put up the cornice boards on the cupboards and I need to wire the flowers to the greenery. We put up the wall words tonight and it looks great.

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