Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. Erica had to work at the learning center in Des Moines so we had Mothers Day early Sunday morning. Tyler and Emma came over and everyone was wonderful about taking as many pictures as I wanted. What better present is there than that? Kids who happily smile for as long as I want!

Erica was so sweet and got me a gift card to my FAVORITE store- Hobby Lobby! Love it. And this week they have a 40% off coupon. Now just to find time to get to Des Moines.

Tyler and Emma brought this BEAUTIFUL bouquet of roses. My very FAVORITE flower! It had so many different colors of roses. They smelled wonderful.
Roger and I had a lazy day after the kids left. We talked, took a nap, went for a drive to Keomah. It was so peaceful and quite out there. Really makes us miss camping. And I got to read quite a bit thru the day too. I love to read but I hate to stop and when I start a new book I don't want to do housework or anything else. So I try to only read on vacation. But Roger had gotten me a new book and it was sooooo long before vacation. So I read it part of the day and most of the night Sunday. By Monday night I had it done. It's kind of like a really good piece of chocolate. Its so good you don't want to stop, but when it's gone you wish you would of made it last longer. Ha Ha. Now I have to get ready for a yard sale and no more reading books til vacation in July. I think I"m getting the other 3 books in the series and they'll be perfect for reading on the beach.

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Anna Mae said...

so glad you had a good mothers day! you are so dear to so many people and a mom-figure to more kids than you think! ;) Love you so much and praise God for you!