Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our holiday weekend

Nothing crafty today. I did get to work for about a half hour in my scrap room Monday afternoon but not enough time to finish anything. So I'll share what we did most of the weekend.
This is in our back/side yard. I forgot to take before pictures so this was taken at Easter. We have been landscaping under the tree. You can see a small portion of it here, minus the Easter eggs and my nephew.
My DH and I have a great little arrangement when it comes to yard work. I come up with the ideas and plans and he does the hard labor. Yup, he's that sweet!!

I LOVE porch swings, and we have one on our front porch. You can see it at the end of the porch. We love sitting out there in the evening after the yard work is done for the night. The way it's situated we almost always have a great breeze blowing thru.

We really wanted to do something with the area under the tree because grass wouldn't grow and it just looked bad. I've always wanted a tree swing. So we thought about hanging a piece of board and making an old fashioned tree swing. But we really like our time in the evening just talking about our day and catching up with one another. So I decided a regular swing would be great. DH found this swing on Ebay and the price was right.

I think it works perfect under the tree. We laid some patio pavers leading up to the swing and with some plantings and a swing cushion I think it just calls your name to come and sit a spell. Grab a glass of something cool and refreshing and look around a bit.

Enjoy the little things in life! Dana

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JulieK said...

Your yard looks great! I just happened to come across your blog- it's great!! I'm from Iowa too- Hi neighbor!